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        Talent Concept

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        Talent Concept

        Talent Philosophy

        Talent is the enterprise’s primary capital. Human capital is more important than money capital. Human resources are the strategic resource that supports enterprise development. Human resources are critical factor in the future competition among the business enterprise. Remaining invincible in competition,the enterprise must have frist- rate talent.

        YONGJIA CHEMICAL INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. with virtue of rational talent cultivating method, effective incentive mechanism, fair competition platform and broad development space recruit good talent.

        Talent strategy

        YONGJIA CHEMICAL INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. always believes that employees are the most precious treasure of the company. Enterprise employees are the most important and value-added capital. so we respect every employee, and value everyone.

        We advocate simple and sincere personal relationships. We respect each employee’s personality and wishes, giving everyone equal opportunity to develop. We offer career paths that best suit their personality, enabling them to grow with the Company.

        Principle of Talent Use

        Letting every individual give full play to his/her talent

        Letting every talent finds its proper position

        Exercising humanistic management

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